in November 2017

NATO MP COE launches the second edition of the MP Lessons Learned Staff Officer Course

Start 24 Apr 2017 08:00
End 28 Apr 2017 16:00
On 24–28 April 2017, the NATO Military Police Centre of Excellence (NATO MP COE) held the second edition of the Military Police Lessons Learned Staff Officer Course (MPLLSOC-17). During the course, representatives of 8 NATO nations, 2 NATO centres of excellence, European Gendarmerie Force and Multinational Corps North-East Headquarters (in total 20 students) not only learned the NATO Lessons Learned (LL) Process but also had a possibility to review their newly acquired skills during the intensive syndicate work.
on November 2017
The fundamental aims of the MPLLSOC-17 were to teach students to perform effective MP LL activities within an MP unit, advise with regard to the NATO LL Process within the MP functional area, to develop efficient LL tools to be used within an MP unit, as well as present how to conduct an effective training in the NATO LL Process using all available MP resources.
MPLLSOC-17 participants gained theoretical and practical knowledge regarding the NATO LL Process, i.e. a procedure that incorporates the structure, process and tools necessary to capture, analyse and take remedial action on any issue. The attendees could also communicate and share results to achieve improvement in the area of LL Process. Lectures, delivered both by external and internal briefers, provided the highest possible value to the course participants by covering the most vital issues in their future LL-related engagements (such as the role of Commander’s Guidance, the most useful techniques of analysing observations and the development of learning organisation within the military environment).
One of the key elements of the course mostly appreciated by all students was the chance of working in syndicates, where the participants could use their newly acquired skills in practice. The most interesting part of the event was definitely an effective implementation of the analytical procedure during group work. Subsequently, the results of those deliberations were presented during plenary sessions and numerous discussions.
Although the target audience of the course was the MP community, the MPLLSOC-17 was perceived as highly useful also by other non-MP participants. Moreover, all students declared their willingness to become permanent members of the NATO MP LL Community of Interest, as well as to take active role in the future events offered by the Community