in November 2017

The 4th Annual Military Police Lessons Learned Conference

Start 11 Dec 2017 08:00
End 14 Dec 2017 16:00
The Annual Military Police Lessons Learned Conference (AMPLLC) on “MP/Gendarmeries’ contributions to Police Operations connected with terrorism threats” organized by the NATO MP COE is planned to take place on the Centre’s premises in Bydgoszcz, Poland on 11-14 December 2017.
The Conference aims to gather audience that have been partaking in military/police operations (both national and multinational), as well as in multinational exercises, hence it could deliver added value with regard to enhancing MP/Gendarmeries’ capabilities.
on November 2017
The main purpose of the 4th edition of the AMPLLC is to challenge an attempt to shape future MP/Gendarmeries’ capabilities by referring to LL deriving from recent MP/Gendarmeries’ contributions (engagement as a leading or supportive asset) to Police Operations connected with terrorism threats in NATO/PfP countries – use of Military Police/Gendarmeries according to national procedures.
In order to create a firm baseline for discussions, the following objectives have been assumed:
- Submission of key recommendations for possible future MPs’ engagements in terrorism threat-related Police Operations;
- Introduction of LL from MPs’ or related engagements and exercise-based employments;
- Formulation of key recommendations for future deployments upon the outcome deriving from the Conference (AMPLL Conference Report);
- Enhancement of interoperability within the MP COI;
- Overview of recent MP LL COI initiatives (MP LL CT, ATLLF, MP LL Portal).
For the reason of creating a firm baseline for fruitful debates, the agenda for the event includes two plenary sessions which cover the above - mentioned objectives, followed by a discussion platform.
Event timing
11-14 December 2017.
The security classification for this event will be up to NATO Secret (depending on the proposed content). 
Event fee and capacity
1. PLN300 (approx. EUR70).
2. Capacity max. 25 participants (yet, the number of delegates from one country or organization is not limited)
In order to apply for participation in the Conference:
1. Firstly, please register to the NATO MP COE Smart Event Application (SEA) at
2. All event participants are kindly asked to confirm their presence NLT 24 November 2017.
3. To complete registration please register for the AMPLLC as a participant (after receiving a confirmation email with login and password).
In order to proceed smoothly with the organization of the Conference, do not hesitate to contact the Officer of Primary Responsibility for the event:
NATO MP COE POC: CAPT (OF-2), phone: +48 261-410-047, e-mail: