in November 2017

The 1st edition of the Annual NATO MP COE Tactical Lessons Learned Forum

Start 24 Jun 2014 08:00
End 26 Jun 2016 16:00
In the period of 24 – 26 June 2014, the 1st edition of the Annual NATO MP COE Tactical Lessons Learned Forum (TLLF) was accomplished at the NATO Military Police Centre of Excellence (NATO MP COE).
on November 2017

This year’s topic focused on the contribution of Military Police (MP) to “Mobility Support Operations” (MSO). The aim of the TLLF is to promulgate continued interoperability amongst NATO Forces, more particularly within the MP community, throughout capturing best practices and lessons learned. In order to acquire the settled goal, representatives from 7 Nations (CAN, CZE, DEU, GBR, NOR MPs, POL MG and US MP) have been convened as the Forum to deliberate on how current doctrine pertaining to MSO reflect factual activities conducted by NATO MPs while being involved in “peacetime, Article 5 and Non-Article 5 Operations”. 

A set of discussions was preceded by several presentations delivered by distinguished guest speakers who added variety to the gathering by briefing the attendees on the following topics:

  • Introduction to the NATO LL process, drafting and categorizing observations, by CDR Michael KLEIBAUM (JALLC);
  • Co-operation among MP / MG and military movement organisations in the Mobility Support field, by MAJ Stanisław NEPELSKI (Movement & Transportation Division – National Movement Co-ordination Centre of the PAF);
  • Doctrinal Appreciation on MSO and NATO MP Future Capability Study writing team findings and recommendations, by MAJ Steeve GREGOIRE (Canadian Military Police);
  • MSO in NATO – if they are still needed as an MP / MG task, by COL Clement Van ZALM (ACO PM Office);
  • US MP Experience with MSO, by MSG Luis COMACHO (HQ 7th Army USAREUR);
  • NATO Experience with MSO – MNMPBAT, by CAPT Tomasz SOSZYŃSKI (MNMPBAT).

Having been familiarized with broad perspective on MSO-related activities provided by the above-mentioned lecturers, the audience proceeded with the debate divided into three thematic group discussions:

  • NATO Doctrine – if they reflect today’s reality;
  • Technology that is being used to support or replace MP in MSO;
  • MP Vision - where the MP want to focus their efforts with respect to MSO.

The conduct of deliberations moderated by LTC Rafał SZCZYPIŃSKI (NATO MP COE) altogether with MAJ GREGOIRE contributed to compiling key observations that subsequently allowed the participants to highlight recommendations.

At the end of the TLLF, the Deputy Director of the NATO MP COE thanked all the participants and members of the NATO MP COE responsible for organisation of the event for their fruitful and substantial commitment to the final achievement of the set objectives