Quality Assurance

The NATO MP COE provides opportunities to enhance education and training, improve interoperability and capabilities, assist in doctrine development and to test and validate concepts through the experimentation in the field of Military Police.

Therefore, NATO MP COE dedicates its effort to the development of an environment, which recognizes the importance of quality in its work. The NATO MP COE strives to provide the best quality knowledge experience for Military Police authorities by ensuring the highest possible degree of quality for its products and services to Sponsoring Nations, NATO, NATO partners and the NATO Military Police Community of Interest. To achieve this, the NATO MP COE developed its Quality Assurance Policy and implemented a strategy for the continuous enhancement of quality.

The NATO MP COE Quality Assurance Policy provides orientation, defines procedures and methods for the NATO MP COE’s efforts to follow up, support and develop its three main NATO functional roles as:

  1. Centre Of Excellence (COE);
  2. Education and Training Facility (ETF);
  3. Department Head (DH).

The NATO MP COE Quality Assurance is the employment of a supportive set of principles, standards and criteria, for the development, implementation, maintenance and management of all NATO MP COE activities. These endeavours are to be (in) directly related to the provision of required MP Education and Individual Training solutions which are consistent with the NATO Education, Training, Exercise and Evaluation Policy.

Although the main scope of NATO Quality Assurance is aimed at the products and services of a NATO entity as the Education and Training Facility, the NATO MP COE emphasizes the evident importance to implement the Quality Assurance principles for all its developed and delivered products and services.

The NATO MP COE Quality Assurance Policy is available here.