in February 2021

The Military Police Panel 2021

Start 02 Feb 2021 13:00
End 03 Feb 2021 16:00
The NATO MP COE is actively participating in the "MP Panel", conducted as the online event for the first time in its history.
on February 2021
The NATO MP Community of Interest has commenced the year 2021 today with a flag event, namely the MP Panel being conducted for the first time in its history in a virtual space.

Regardless of the newly adopted mode of networking, which is undoubtedly an effective sort of discussion platform, the NATO MP COE Director alongside with his Deputy Director and two Writing Team (WT) leaders have all joined the online meeting as it was supposed to occur in the previous iterations.

The agenda for the first day consists of introductory update briefs dedicated to situational awareness of the MP Panelists. As such, the MP Panel Chairman is presenting the main intent to be achieved.

Moreover, ACT MP and SP SMEs have delivered their updates which will be followed today and tomorrow by the NATO MP COE Director as well as by ATP-3.7.2 WT and LI/LL WT leaders who are Doctrine and Standardisation Branch and Lessons Learned Branch Heads.