in September 2019

Military Police Panel 2019-III

Start 30 Sep 2019 08:00
End 04 Oct 2019 16:00
The autumn period has been very busy and challenging for the NATO MP COE, namely the Centre hosted the consecutive NATO MP Panel, which has been organised in Poland for the second time in 2019. 
on September 2019
The third edition of that event took place from 30 SEP to 04 OCT in Gdańsk and it was prepared alongside with the DEU MP that is currently holding the chairmanship over the MPP.
The meeting gathered top official delegates representing NATO member state MP officers, as well as their counterparts from PfP countries that  re also involved in NATO MP activities. The agenda was built up on a set of briefings informing the audience on up-to-date and future developments engaging MP contributions on a multinational military basis. 
Moreover, all participants were heavily involved in syndicate works scheduled in several writing teams dealing with specific topics. As such, the MP experts worked on a number of areas, e.g. MP doctrine - ATP- 3.7.2 revision, and newly formulated lessons identified regarding participation of MP force in NATO-led operations across Europe. These two writing teams were traditionally headed by the NATO MP COE. 
Furthermore, an additional meeting was organized in order to advise the LOWG on the MP Panel point of new concerning the NATO Stability Policing Concept. After the discussion, a voting procedure was held to provide recommendations to the MPP Presidency and inform the LOWG during its nearest gathering.
In summary, the chairman acquainted the panelists with the upcoming activities and presented way-ahead for 2020. 

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