in August 2021

NATO Military Police Senior Non-Commissioned Officer Course 2021 online

Start 06 Sep 2021 00:00
End 10 Sep 2021 00:00
Registration is open until 27 August 2021!
By Public Affairs Office on August 2021
We are pleased to inform you that the NATO Military Police Centre of Excellence is organising the NATO Military Police Senior Non-Commissioned Officer Course 2021 in an online mode (olMPSrNCOC21) from 6 to 10 September 2021. Its purpose is to prepare MP Senior NCOs for working in a multinational NATO environment either from a national and/or multinational MP perspective. Thus, the olMPSrNCOC21 is addressing broad multinational audience in which MP personnel works.

It is assumed that after completion of this course a student will be able to:
  • explain the individual countries' MP capabilities within a NATO/multinational environment;
  • solve administrative and personnel issues within a NATO/multinational structure;
  • execute commander's intent in a NATO/multinational environment;
  • provide company commander's with recommendations on MP employment in a NATO/multinational environment.

The target audience is Military Police NCOs of NATO grade OR-6 to OR-8 from NATO member and partner countries. However, because of various levels of experience and exposures to NATO operations, OR-9 will be accepted too. Please be informed as well that we can accept only two participants per nation.

Course is free of charge.


It is one's individual responsibilty to register for the event.

During the whole process, you are kindly asked to use your official duty e-mail.

Registration via JADL platform ( for each participant is mandatory. Please be informed about the crucial steps:
  • create an account at JADL or make sure that, you have an active account. User name and password will be delivered to your mailbox. This account can be used in order to join all ADL courses as well;
  • find "Centres of Excellences" folder and click on it;
  • find "Military Police Centre of Excellence" folder and click on it;
  • find "olMPSrNCOC" folder and click on it,
  • find "Joining Report - Online participation" and fill in all information, be precise as there is no possiility for corrections;
  • click "Save" on the JR, it will be submitted to the custodians;
  • you will receive a final confirmation within from the OPR ASAP.
Registration is open until 27 August 2021. However, it will be closed as soon as the class is completed.

Shall any concerns occur please notify us at: