in October 2023

Lessons Identified & Lessons Learned from Russian-Ukrainian War

November 2023, Bydgoszcz
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By Public Affairs Office on October 2023
From 13 November to 17 November 2023, the NATO Military Police Centre of Excellence (NATO MP COE) is organising a workshop to analyse the Observations and Lessons Identified from war in Ukraine in order to identify capability gaps and share best practices from the above-mentioned conflict. (13th of November is an arrival day).

The main goal of the workshop is to analyse and develop proposals and recommendations for Military Police Community of Interest which can have impact on the future readiness and performance of the force.
In order to create a firm baseline for discussions, the following objectives have been assumed:
  • Further collection of observations from participants;
  • Verification and validation of collected material with other stakeholders;
  • Analysis of the collected material;
  • Development of proposals and recommendations about possible impact of Lessons Identified on the MP environment.
The maximum expected number of is limited up to 20, yet the number of delegates from one country or organisation is not limited.

Depends on the number of participants a dedicated syndicate work on the above-mentioned topics is going to be organised IOT identify and analyse available solutions, possibilities as well as challenges.
As an outcome, a Record of Discussion is to be developed which could constitute substantial value for the entire MP/GTF Community, and be shared across NATO and other partner entities.

The proposed objectives might be enriched and extended substantially, depending on the expectations of Workshop attendees, and respective information to be shared with.
In order to obtain as comprehensive deliverables as possible, all participants are encouraged to propose additional sub-topics remaining within the frames of the overarching theme of the Workshop.

Workshop fee amounts to 300,00 PLN for each participant.