in February 2023

Military Police Working Dogs Forum

March 2023, Bydgoszcz
Registration is open! Limited number of seats.
By Public Affairs Office on February 2023
We are pleased to inform you that the NATO Military Police Centre of Excellence is organizing the Military Police Working Dogs Forum (NATO MPWDF) on 20-24 March 2023 in Bydgoszcz, Poland.

The intent of this forum is to provide information and to raise awareness of the significance of military police working dogs and handlers during training, preparation and multinational deployment. The aim of the event is to strengthen cooperation within civilian and military authorities responsible for conducting military working dogs training, usage and deployment particularly in multinational environment in joint military operations. Thus, the forum is addressing broad multinational audience that are anyhow involved with military working dogs.

Furthermore, the intent for the NATO MPWDF23 is to discuss and share information regarding the following: Veterinarian Support for military working dogs, Certification process for military working dogs, Procedures of dog screening and selection for active duty, Best practices, challenges and experience sharing on mission deployment, certification, kennels, Military Police Working Dogs Capability Matrix, A way ahead, possible topics for the NATO MPWDF24 and future hosting possibilities.

  • Military police and Gendarmerie Community of Interest directly related to MWD
  • SMEs and specialize branches responsible for MWD; - Education and Training institutions responsible for & Handlers
  • Other persons responsible for K9 can be accepted if they possess proper substantiations in advance (to have them before)
  • No limitation on ranks but personnel currently working on/or with experience of tactical and/or operational level of operation are preferred.
Registration via a Smart Event Application (SEA) ( for each participant is mandatory and it is an individual responsibility. SEA is an online system which complies with the personal data protection security policies. It is an intuitive tool, however, please be informed about the crucial steps:
1) Create a SEA account. User name and password will be delivered to your mailbox (if you do not receive it in three days please contact the event ADMIN). This account can be used in order to join other events as well,
2) Find NATO MPWDF23 in SEA-Upcoming Events and click “Join”,
3) Fill in the Joining Report (JR) and click “Submit”,
4) There will be some mandatory fields, e.g. accommodation, dates and means of transport. In case of an online mode event, these fields are not applicable. If you have problems with date fields, change a web browser for another one.
5) You will receive a confirmation message after successful submission of your JR.
6) You can “Save” your application, but at this stage it will not be visible for an administrator.
During the whole process, you are kindly asked to use your official duty e-mail address as the main one. Only registered and accepted participants will get access, links and codes to the event. It is not allowed to hand over the links and codes to another person.
Registration is open from 30 January until 1 March 2023, however, it will be closed when a required number of participants is completed. The rule “FIRST COME - FIRST SERVED” applies.