in February 2023

NATO Military Police Digital Evidence Collection and Handling in support of Investigations Course 2023

May 2023, Bydgoszcz
Registration is open! Limited number of seats.
By Public Affairs Office on February 2023
We are pleased to inform you that the NATO Military Police Centre of Excellence (NATO MP COE) organizes the NATO Military Police Digital Evidence Collection and Handling in support of Investigations Course that is taking place on 22-26 MAY 2023 in Bydgoszcz, Poland.
Upon request from the Military Police Community of Interest, the NATO MP COE held a Cyber Crime Investigation Conference in 2018, and subsequently a Cyber Crime Investigation Workshop in 2019. As acknowledged by participants there was an existing education and training gap regarding MP cyber crime investigation capabilities. During the final stage of the course development, to reflect the content of the course more accurately, the name was changed. As a result, the DEHIC is ready for students.
The primary intent of the course is to prepare NATO MP Officers to collect and triage media that is gathered through proper collection of evidence from crime scenes focusing on battlefield digital forensics. The examination of the media will provide information that can be used to support the continued criminal investigations. Furthermore, the data collected from these artefacts will be transformed into information that can be ingested into the analytical phase of the intelligence cycle. The curriculum of the training is planned to be composed of both theoretical (lectures) and practical (syndicates) content. The combination of academic knowledge and real life lessons constitutes a solid educational offer for present and future first responders, analysts and other MPs who will be assigned to investigation cells.
The target audience for the course are primarily individuals recently assigned or planned to be assigned to NATO or Partner Military Police Investigation Units; experienced investigators without prior cybercrime practice; and first responders with basic crime scene preservation knowledge.
The seat capacity is limited to 12 students without rank limitations. Nations requesting more than one participant, are kindly asked to prioritize one of them. A maximum of 2 places per state will be allocated.
Online registration will be available from 2 FEB 2023 to 2 MAR 2023 via the NATO MP COE Smart Event Application (SEA) for each participant it is mandatory and is an individual responsibility. SEA is an on-line system which complies with the personal data protection security policies.
All applicants will receive official confirmation/regret mail not later than 7 MARCH 2023. Selected participants can purchase the flight tickets after this mail.
Please be informed about few crucial steps:
1. Create a SEA account (if you do not have one). User name and password will be delivered to your mailbox. This account can be used for various events organised by the NATO MP COE in the future;
2. Find MPDEHIC-23 in SEA–Upcoming Events and click “Join”;
3. Fill in the Joining Report and click “Submit”;
4. You will receive registration confirmation message;
5. There is an option to “Save” your application but at that stage it will NOT be visible for a custodian.
During the whole process, you are kindly asked to use your official duty e-mail address as the main one.
Course classification is “NATO Unclassified/Releasable to PfP, MD, ICI, PAtG”.
PLN 3500 (Polish złoty), approx. €750
For officially delegated students by NATO MP COE Sponsoring Nations the fee is waived.