in March 2022

Day 3 - Provost Marshal Forum 2022-8

March 2022, Bydgoszcz
During third day of the Provost Marshal Forum 2022-8, participants were working in the syndicate groups.
By Public Affairs Office on March 2022
Day 3 of the PMF22-8 was initiated by the NATO MP COE Branches Update presented by:
  • Col. Veselin GEORGIEV (BGR), Education and Training Branch Head,
  • Lt. Col. Jan ČERMÁK (CZE), Standardization and Transformation Branch Head
  • Lt. Col. Łukasz WAGA (POL), Lessons Learned Branch Head.
After the presentations, participants were divided into two syndicate working groups. Each group was focused on a specific task. The syndicate work was moderated by the NATO MP COE Lessons Learned Branch members.

The PMF22-8 was concluded with closing remarks from the NATO MP COE Director, Col. Mirosław ŁABĘCKI (POL), Deputy Director Lt. Col. Adrian BOLZ (DEU) and the Provost Marshal Forum 2022-8 OPR, Lt. Col. Dorulet BACANU (ROU).

The NATO MP COE Provost Marshal Forum (PMF) once again proved to be the best platform to obtain and share information for/among Provost Marshals.

Thank you for your participation! It was an honour to host you in Bydgoszcz.

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