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NATO Military Police Close Protection Forum 2022

May 2022, Bydgoszcz
We are pleased to inform you that the NATO Military Police Centre of Excellence is organising the NATO Military Police Close Protection Forum 2022 on 9-13 May 2022 in Bydgoszcz, Poland.
By Public Affairs Office on March 2022
The aim of this forum is to share experience in the scope of close protection within a multinational environment in order to strengthen understanding of complex close protection considerations in NATO operations, including the necessity of cross-functional and inter-institutional cooperation, as well as collaboration to foster security as a whole.

Due to the ongoing global crisis regarding the spread of the COVID-19 disease and as part of precautionary and preventive measures, the NATO Military Police Centre of Excellence (NATO MP COE) has made a decision to change the venue for the Military Police Protection Forum 2022 (MPCPF22) from Ottawa, Canado to Bydgoszcz, Poland.

Given the importance of the MPCPF22, our intention is to try to make travelling more flexible and accessible for the participants.
Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused by this decision.

The intent of this year’s forum is to share experience and information regarding the following: challenges and experience from past incidents, extraction and evacuation of the principal/VIP, LI/LL, Joint Close Protection exercises and training, best practice and resilience in operations. We plan to have a visit to the European Security Academy Special Forces Training Area, to organise practical demonstrations as well as hold separate sessions in small syndicates dedicated to discussions on the topics enumerated below:
- national experience in usage of the Military Police Close Protection Handbook (MPCPHB), implementation, (inter)national exercises, training and operations, (outcome revision and improvement of the MPCPHB),
- procedure and check-list, SAP questionnaires, preparation for (inter)national visit and deployment (outcome interoperable check-list),
- drone usage in CP employment / counter drone measures (best practices, share experience),
- possible topics for the MPCPF23 and future hosting possibilities.

A forum fee of Euro 100 is foreseen and will be collected during the in-processing payable by card or in advance by a bank transfer on the NATO MP COE account. Details regarding payment, accommodation and other administrative issues are provided in attached Annex A, and further details will be available after opening your registration by the use of the Smart Event Application (SEA) on the NATO MP COE.


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