in July 2021

Farewell and Welcome Ceremony

July 2021
On 27 July 2021 personnel of NATO MP COE gathered to say farewell to departing colleagues from Education and Training (E&T) Branch as well as to welcome incoming E&T Branch Head.
By Public Affairs Office on July 2021
The ceremony, led by LTC Jan ČERMÁK (CZE), was a great occasion to appreciate the contribution of departing members to the process of fulfilling the task of the NATO MP COE.

On behalf of the NATO Military Police Centre of Excellence military and civilian personnel, the Director COL Miroslaw ŁABĘCKI (POL) expressed gratitude for their personal involvement in everyday duties, professionalism as well as truly invaluable support.

LTC Dragomir STEFANOV (BGR), Education and Training Branch Head, a true leader of the E&T Branch as well as an excellent advisor to the Director, is appointed to serve in Bulgarian Military Police Service HQ in Sofia.

MAJ Siniša KOLIĆ (HRV), Staff Officer of E&T Branch, a great facilitator with attention to detail, is going to continue his military service in Military Police Sector in Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Croatia.

SSWO Michał MASŁOWSKI (POL), Assistant in E&T Branch, an innovator with creative ideas, who contributed to capabilities development of the Centre, is going to retire after many years of successful military service.

This special occasion was also marked with the welcome ceremony of COL Veselin Georgiev (BGR), the new Education and Training Branch Head. COL Georgiev (BGR), senior officer with considerable experience and knowledge, was warmly welcomed by the personnel of the NATO MP COE.