in July 2021

NATO CI COE Director's Official Visit to NATO MP COE

July 2021
7 July 2021 was marked with an official visit of Colonel Martin ACHIMOVIČ, Director of the NATO Counter Intelligence Centre of Excellence.
on July 2021
COL Martin ACHIMOVIČ, accompanied by the representatives of the NATO CI COE, received a warm greeting from the Director, COL Mirosław ŁABĘCKI. During the visit the Director of the NATO CI COE was briefed on the NATO Military Police Centre of Excellence current activities, tasks, plans as well as upcoming projects.

The NATO CI COE is currently staffed by subject matter experts from eleven countries: Poland, Slovakia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania, Romania, Slovenia, and the United States. France also participates as an observer nation. The Centre is headquartered in Kraków, Poland, and additionally has full access to the military training center in Lešt’, Slovakia.

The NATO CI COE undertakes efforts to harmonize NATO CI publications, integrate best practices, and serve as a hub for CI expertise, thereby enabling NATO forces to achieve the highest levels of interoperability and integration. A substantial part of the Centre’s portfolio resides in education and training, as it provides a variety of CI-focused courses, seminars, conferences, and workshops. The intent is to establish a CI Community of Interest within the NATO Command Structure, NATO Force Structure, and NATO Nations.

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