in October 2017

NATO “SELECTED” Military Police Senior NCO Course

Start 17 Oct 2016 08:00
End 21 Oct 2016 16:00
The NATO Military Police Senior NCO Course (MP SrNCOC) was conducted on 17-21 October 2016. 21 students representing 12 NATO and PfP countries enhanced operational knowledge in the field of Military Police capabilities in order to prepare for working in a multinational environment. It was the third edition of the course and it will be continued in 2017.
on October 2017

The course gives a broad understanding of MP competences and explains how it can result in MP and gendarmerie type forces further integration in theatre, therefore all participants are better prepared to support their commanders.

Accordingly, it provides detailed awareness regarding administrative and personnel issues as well as commander’s intent in NATO. After the course accomplishment, students are able to explain the individual countries’ MP capabilities, to solve and execute commander’s intent, as well as to provide recommendations on MP employment to commanders in multinational environment.

The following areas of special interest were discussed Cross-Cultural Awareness, National MP Capabilities and coordination between them, as well as Legal Background. Additionally, 18th United States Military Police Brigade (18th USMPBDE) representatives gave a briefing on working as a command team, and presented information about leadership skills, principles of how to build relationship and be responsible for management within an international environment. The lecture underlined the core rules of officer and NCO’s relationship, i.e. understanding, communication, mutual support and respect.

One of the key elements of the course was work in syndicates, where all participants had a possibility to check their newly acquired skills in practice.

Subgroup evaluations were supervised by experienced facilitators who provided support and gave advice on more complicated issues. Results of those deliberations were subsequently presented during plenary sessions and discussions.

In 2017, the MP SrNCOC will be conducted on 05-09 June and 16-20 October. The registration will be initiated not later than eight weeks prior to the event.