in November 2015

NATO Military Police Panel 2015

Start 16 Nov 2015 08:00
End 20 Nov 2015 16:00

On 16 – 20 November 2015, the NATO Military Police Centre of Excellence hosted military police representatives from NATO and PfP countries, who gathered together and held debates at 3rd NATO Military Police Panel.

The NATO Military Police Panel (NATO MPP) was attended by 57 participants representing 19 NATO and 4 PfP countries. Delegates of 4 NATO commands, Doctrine and Training Centre of the Polish Armed Forces, and 2 NATO centres of excellence (COE), namely the NATO Stability Policing COE (SP COE) and NATO Military Police COE (MP COE) also took part in the meeting.

on November 2015

During the plenary session, a number of presentations concerning, inter alia, outcomes of this year’s MP Chief Conference, ACO Provost Marshal and ACT MP SME activities reports, as well as updates of the NATO MP and SP COEs were provided accordingly by the NATO Command Structures’ representatives and COEs’ Directors. Furthermore, Austrian, British and Irish Panel Members introduced thorough details regarding their national MP roles and tasks. 
Aside from the aforementioned gatherings, 5 syndicate meetings were organised which primarily focused on the following topics:

  • AJP revision Writing Team (WT) – Allied Joint Doctrine for MP,
  • MP Terminology WT,
  • MP Lessons Learned Capability Team – MP LL CT,
  • MP Capability Codes WT,
  • SP WT.

On the last day, 5 syndicate leaders submitted final results of their group deliberations, and proposed way ahead for 2016 as follows:

  • AJP review WT: continued works on the doctrine review in line with the adopted schedule, simultaneously co-operating with the aim of harmonising its terminology applied in the subject document with terms recommended by the Terminology WT. Additionally, the team introduced regulations enhancing the significance of criminal intelligence (constituting one of MP responsibilities), and legitimizing MP collaboration with special troops within the accomplishment of common goals. The doctrine was also refined by removing redundant parts of the document. Proposed amendments shall be forwarded to MP Panel Members for their approval not later than 22nd January 2016,  
  • SP WT: presented 2016 schedule of works together with its Terms of Reference. Elaboration of the NATO and PfP directive concerning the conduct of local police training in the area of operations was regarded as the prime goal. SP WT also agreed upon the necessity of establishing the Internet forum by the NATO SP COE which would be devoted to SP matters.
  • Terminology WT: as it was intended, the team drafted the new definition of MP. After it is approved by the MP Panel Members (NATO and PfP countries), it shall be adopted as the official term standing within the Alliance,
  • MP Capability Codes WT: fulfilled the assigned tasks. Suggested changes to the Joint Strategic Commands directives regarding declared and existed MP operational capabilities are bound to be implemented within the procedures of the NATO Defence Planning Process,
  • MP LL CT: developed and set up 2016 Plan of Work including parts requiring further analysis and application of remedial actions that had been identified as the most vital ones as far as MP are concerned. Finally, methodology of future works was determined.

Last but not least, the agenda for upcoming conferences, gatherings, courses and workshops (including NATO MP and SP COEs’ endeavours), organised or supported by MP in 2016, was deconflicted.
The subsequent NATO MPP is to take place in Sofia (Bulgaria) on 14 -19 February, 2016.

Text: Monika Janczuk. Photos: Leszek Przybylski

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