in November 2017

Contribution to the Ukrainian MLOS

Start 20 Oct 2017 00:00
End 30 Nov 2017 00:00
​Upon the decision of Military Police Subcommittee established to reform the Ukrainian Military Law and Order Service (MLOS) the NATO Military Police Centre of Excellence (MP COE) was requested to support the Transition Course 1/2017. It is worth mentioning that the Director of the Centre is a permanent member of the subcommittee. 
on November 2017
​Following the establishment of 25th Military Police Training Center in Lviv, Ukraine in September 2017, the Ukrainian Center hosted the first iteration of Transition Course, developed in close cooperation with the Canadian Military Police.

Two representatives delegated by the NATO MP COE were responsible for development and implementation of three day Leadership and Ethics module which was conducted from 20th to 30th OCT 2017. The NATO MP COE team delivered lessons and practical activities on the following topics: NATO MP COE mission and tasks, training and education opportunities, leadership concept in NATO countries, ethics and communication. Additionally, Canadian MP representative shared with students his experiences concerning Command Team Concept and appropriate relations between officers and non-commissioned officers. 
The module was very well received by the Ukrainian MP students. Lectures given by the NATO MP COE representatives were accompanied by active involvement of the students and followed by a series of questions and fruitful discussions. Finally, participants indicated the importance of further cooperation.