in March 2021

11 Webinars Initiative - Czech Republic

Start 23 Feb 2021 13:00
End 23 Feb 2021 16:00
The NATO MP COE has successfully conducted the next webinar from the cycle of “The 11 Webinars Initiative” – a project created to support the sponsoring nations in their own languages, and to promote the NATO Military Police Community of Interest along with the Centre’s activities.
By PL on March 2021
It was presented by the Centre’s Czech representative, LTC Jan ČERMÁK, to an online audience from the Czech Republic – Provost Marshals and NCOs from the Joint Operations Command, Land Forces Command and Logistics Agency of General Staff as well as from the Slovak Republic – member of J3 Military Police Directorate. To commemorate the 30th anniversary of the Czech and Slovak Military Police establishment as a unit in the Army of the Czech and Slovak Federal Republic, the webinar was conducted with the support of the NATO MP COE’s Slovak representative – MAJ Jaroslav SLANCIK.

The presentation was initiated by a speech delivered by Director COL Mirosław ŁABĘCKI in a Czech language version. He welcomed the participants and familiarised them with the idea of “The 11 Webinars Initiative” cycle. The subject of the webinar was “Provost Marshal and Provost Marshal Office Basic Orientation”. LTC Jan ČERMÁK presented the necessary knowledge concerning a Provost Marshal position, PM key responsibilities and the doctrinal requirements of establishing the PM Office.

To conclude the presentation, the Centre’s Czech representative invited the participants to an online Provost Marshal Forum 2021-7, organised by the NATO MP COE from 16 to 18 March 2021. It was described as the best platform to obtain and share information for Provost Marshals. The webinar was very well received, therefore the Czech and the Slovak representatives agreed to work on a possible cooperation with the NATO MP COE, especially within the expertise area regarding the Provost Marshal.