in February 2021

For NCOs by NCOs webinar

Start 11 Feb 2021 07:00
End 11 Feb 2021 17:00
On 11 February 2021 the NATO MP COE successfully hosted a webinar “For NCOs by NCOs”. 
By PL on February 2021
The intent of the event was to provide knowledge about a number of topics, such as:
•             NATO MP COE,
•             NATO NCO Bi-SC Strategy and Recommended Guidelines,
•             NCO professional development programs,
•             NATO e-learning opportunities,
•             Peace Support Operations Training Centre,
•             tasks and responsibilities of MP NCOs in NATO structures,
•             and the current development of the Ukrainian MP – an important role of NCOs in the process.

The idea of conducting the webinar on these subjects has been well received, resulting in gathering more than 70 participants from 17 countries. What is more, the NATO MP COE offered a high level of expertise by inviting guest speakers from the most widely recognised organisations:
-              25th Military Law and Order Service (MLOS) Training Centre Lviv
-              Allied Joint Force Command Naples,
-              Eurocorps
-              NATO School Oberammergau
-              and Peace Support Operations Training Centre Sarajevo.

Furthermore, the efforts of the webinar initiators, the NATO MP COE members, are worth emphasising as they supervised its preparation and made sure that it was run properly.
“For NCOs by NCOs” led to many inspirational conclusions, such as the importance of networking around the globe and a need for such webinars as an opportunity to share experiences. The event has received a large amount of positive feedback prompting the NATO MP COE to immediately start working on the subject of the next online lectures.