in February 2021

11 Webinars Initiative - Romania

Start 16 Feb 2021 12:00
End 16 Feb 2021 14:00
The NATO MP COE presents its next webinar from the cycle of “The 11 Webinars Initiative” – a project created to support the sponsoring nations in their own languages, and to promote the NATO Military Police Community of Interest along with the Centre’s activities.
By PL on February 2021
After successfully conducted webinars by the Hungarian and Slovak members of the NATO MP COE, we have been eagerly waiting for another presentation. Yesterday, 16 February 2021, it was LTC Dorulet BACANU’s turn.

LTC BACANU (ROU) has brought together a significant online audience consisting of representatives from the Romanian Military Police General Staff, Romanian Land Forces Chief of Military Police, as well as military personnel from the Romanian 1 MP Battalion and MP Commanders.

The presentation was initiated by a speech delivered by Director COL Mirosław ŁABĘCKI in a Romanian language version. He welcomed the participants and familiarized them with the idea of “The 11 Webinars Initiative” cycle. Afterwards, LTC BACANU gave a presentation in his native language concerning the NATO Military Police Centre of Excellence. The NATO MP COE member specified the courses which the Centre has already conducted and presented an event offer for 2021. LTC BACANU also described the pandemic-related transformation from a residential to an e-learning activity.

The said presentation was very well received and the Romanian representatives expressed their appreciation for the invitation to the event. What is more, both sides agreed to work on a possible cooperation in connection with the support of the Romanian MP Training Centre.