in January 2021

“The 11 Webinars Initiative” - Hungary

Start 13 Jan 2021 08:00
End 13 Jan 2021 16:00
The NATO MP COE has launched “The 11 Webinars Initiative”.
on January 2021
The aim of this first-of-its-kind endeavour is to provide support to the NATO MP COE’s sponsoring nations and the framework nation in their respective mother tongues. One additional goal is to promote the Centre’s activities and products among the MP community of interest. Representatives of 11 nations organise webinars for their national units. The topics are chosen by the “customers”.
Throughout the previous year, the Centre gained valuable and beneficial experience in organisation of several webinars. This online form provides an opportunity to reach the target audience in a professional and risk-free way.
The first nation in the sequence of 11 webinars was Hungary. After the opening speech of NATO MP COE Director, a presentation was provided to the Hungarian Defence Forces Military Police Centre (HDF MPC) in the Hungarian language. The main topic concerned military police-related doctrines. Brigadier General MERGANCZ, Commander of HDF MPC, attended the webinar and expressed his gratitude for having such opportunity which enabled the staff officers from his unit to broaden their doctrinal understanding. Valuable information is always welcome. The presentation was so well received that the parties agreed to work on the possible continuation.