in January 2020

Visit of distinguished guests from the NATO Stability Policing Centre of Excellence​

Start 16 Jan 2020 08:00
End 16 Jan 2020 22:00
On 16 January 2020, the NATO Military Police Centre of Excellence hosted two distinguished guests from the  NATO Stability Policing Centre of Excellence, i.e. Director of the SP COE, COL Giuseppe de Magistris, as well as Chief of Staff of the SPCOE, COL Arend te Veld.
on January 2020
.The newly posted director was acquainted with the NATO MP COE’s current challenges, its structure, and the ongoing, as well as upcoming endeavours for the current and next years. The presentation provided by the Director was followed by in-depth briefings delivered by the Centre’s Branch Heads.
Additionally, the NATO MP COE proposed several initial possible areas of cooperation to be established together with the NATO SP CO DIR and COS.
The NATO MP COE’s Director is very optimistic about strengthening  cooperation between two COEs.
“I strongly believe that it will be for benefit of our Sponsoring Nations and Military Police/Gendarmerie Type Forces Community of Interest,”  said Director of the NATO MP COE.  The next meeting is planned shortly.
After an official part of the meeting, the SP COE’s representatives were invited for a tour of Bydgoszcz to get familiarised with the city highlights. Moreover, it is the first time, when a sports event has been organised by the Director of the NATO MP COE. It is true that relations between two centres are sometimes challenging but colonels found solutions. A boxing night was the best option identify, as well as mutual understanding.
The meeting was concluded by expressing willingness of both sides for further co-operation. What is more, areas of collaborations were specified and agreed upon. The NATO MP COE personnel is convinced that great personal experience of the newly posted director and significant contribution will have a substantial impact on the NATO SP COE as well as constant development of the co-operation between the centres.