In the extent defined in the Act on Military Police (Act No.300/2013 Coll.), the Military Police perform duties of providing security to armed forces, military installations, military materiel and other state property the Ministry of Defence is authorized to manage.
The old-fashioned grenade with flames is the Czech Military Police symbol. This symbol is given for jacket collar of duty uniform. Gold is for officers (OF1 - 0F7). Silver is for NCO (0R2 - OR9).

STRENGHT— 1050 personnel (990 soldier, 60 civilians).
Military policemen/policewomen wear a Military Police Badge on the duty uniform (on the left sleeve).
Military policemen/policewomen wear a Home Unit Badge on the duty uniform (on the right sleeve).
Military policemen/policewomen wear a metallic badge with a unique service identification number on the duty uniform (on the left part of the chest).
Military policemen/policewomen have Military a Police Identification Card with an identification number in a leather case with metallic badge with a unique service identification number, to identify themselves when they are in civilian attire.
It is different when they wear battle dress uniform. Military policemen/ policewomen wear a black Military Police Arm-Band on the battle dress uniform (on the upper left arm) during their peace time duty. They wear a black stripe with yellow unique service identification number (on the right part of the chest).
The picture above indicates the current CZE MP organisational structure. Chief of the Military Police is directly subordinated to the Minister of Defense. Crime Investigation Service is under primary control of Chief of the Military Police. Territorial MP Commands and Security Service MP Command have incorporated Traffic Service, Discipline Order Adherence Service, Security Service, EOD and Military Working Dog Service, and MP Quick Reaction Force. 


Key MP Capabilities 

MP daily exercise
  • Crime Investigation Service;
  • Traffic Service;
  • MP Joint Rapid Reaction System
  • Discipline Order Adherence Service; Security Service;
  • MP Quick Reaction Force;
  • MP EOD Service;
  • MP Military Working Dog Service. 

Build up
  • MP Deployable Units.
Build up capabilities in benefit of the CZE Armed Forces
  • Biometrics;
  • Non-Lethal Capabilities.
Unique MP Capability - MP Laboratory for Criminological Expertise
MP provide criminological expertise in support of Military Police and State Police in the following specializations:
  • Trasology expertise;
  • Mechanical-imprint expertise;
  • Criminological technical expertise of documentation (ID and documents);
  • Criminological expertise of data and data mediums;
  • Dactylography expertise;
  • Pyrotechnical expertise;
  • Photographic and video expertise.
Under development:
  • Ballistics expertise. 
Legislative framework
Formation of Military Police on the basis of the Order of the Minister of Defense No. 76/1990 in 1991 (Adoption of Act No. 124/1992 Coll. on Military Police, issued by the Parliament in 1992, abolished by new Act No. 300/2013 Coll.)
Adoption of the Act No. 300/2013 Coll. on Military Police, by the Parliament in 2013.
Ministry of Defence Ordinance No. 301/2013 Coll. on determination of way how Military police, military policemen, military police vehicles and military police special means shall be marked.

Military Police are authorized to act in terms of:
  • Military personnel in active service;
  • People within military installation and within site where military action takes place;
  • People who commit crime or offences together with military personnel or against military installation or military property.
Key tasks according to Act No. 300/2013 Coll.
  • Investigate crime and conduct crime prevention;
  • Investigate offences;
  • Search for military personnel, military property or state property, when Ministry of Defence is in charge of this property;
  • Participate in control of discipline and order adherence within military area and discipline and order adherence of servicemen on the public;
  • Protect designated military premises and assets and supervise control of entry;
  • Supervise safety and control road traffic of military vehicles;
  • Direct military vehicles traffic on public roads;
  • Supervise training of military drivers and organise examinations for them;
  • Approve roadworthiness of military vehicles;
  • Protect and escort the Minister of Defence and designated persons;
  • Participate in the protection and escort the official Czech delegation and Czech citizens in AOR Czech Armed Forces abroad;
  • Protect designated military transport aircrafts when they provide presi¬dency or government flights including military installations designated for these flights;
  • Provide Air Marshal duty when required;
  • Exercise statistical evidence to conduct Military Police tasks.
Military Police conduct other task in accordance with international agreements.