In accordance with the President of the Republic of Croatia and Commander in Chief’s order on 24th August 1991 Protective battalion of the CAF HQ was formed (Military Police) with task to provide security of the MOD and CAF HQ. Since then, 24th August has been celebrated as the Croatian Military Police Day.
Today, CAF MP is a recognizable, respectable, trained and equipped force that is integrated in every aspect of military life and in accordance with the new division of services and branches, CAF MP constitutes Combat Support element which incorporates the following four military occupation specialties (MOS).
CAF MP badge (worn on hat)
Special MP badge - anti-terrorist unit (AT) (worn on hat together with the CAF MP badge) 
CAF MP Official badge gold MP officers and NCOs
CAF MP Official badge silver MP soldiers 
MP Department, a component of the GS CAF, is competent in the area of military police activities and tasks and is also responsible for the normative regulation, planning, organisation, co-ordination and monitoring of the MP branches and specialties. In the framework of the Military Police tasks it coordinates, directs and supervises the work of the MP Regiment by providing guidelines and orders.
MP Department consists of three Divisions: Crime Investigations Division, MP Doctrine Division and MP Records and Analytics Division.
MP Regiment as a sub-staff unit is directly subordinated to the Chief of GS CAF and performs MP tasks mentioned below. Total strength - 645 MPs (CAF MP Department & MP Regiment).
Capabilities of the CAF MP are as follows:

MP crime investigating capability
In accordance with the Defense Law and the Criminal Procedure Act, the MP Department contains MP Crime Investigating Division, and in each of the territorial companies of the MP Regiment, a Crime Investigating Section performing crime investigations tasks exists.

Counter-terrorist capability
Counter-diversion and X-ray section is tasked with prevention of terrorist activities and deterrence of their occurrence through implementation of preventive security measures for the protection of designated persons along with the members and facilities of special interest to the MoD and CAF.

Special MP capability
The capability and task of the Special MP is to deal with complex, demanding and high-risk MP proceedings and missions that require quick action/response by specially trained and equipped MP forces (anti-terrorist, with additional qualifications: SWAT teams, police sniper teams, military working dogs and dog handlers, scuba divers, parachutists, specialists in explosives and non-lethal weapons etc.).
Protection Capability
VIP protection unit conducts protection of designated persons while static or in movement in accordance with the national regulations governing the security sector and protection of persons in and for the MoD and CAF. MP implements security measures, designs security protocols and plans for security of designated persons, objects and areas. The protection task requires permanently ready forces and, given the number of designated persons and dynamics of task execution, a separate organizational unit.
Croatian Armed Forces Military Police primarily conducts the following group of tasks:
  • Security and protection;
  • Search and bringing in;
  • Traffic control and supervision; 
Crime prevention and crime investigations; Recording and reporting;
Special MP tasks;
Other MP tasks.

Croatian Armed Forces MPs are authorized to exercise their authorities over military personnel and, in certain instances, over civilians in case where they are found in military installations or in hot pursuit out of military installations. Below official MP powers are enumerated:
  • Collection, assessment, storing, processing and use of data;
  • Verification and identification of persons and objects;
  • Information collection;
  • Calling/inviting (official purposes);
  • Bringing in and apprehension;
  • Search for persons and objects;
  • Freedom of movement temporary restriction;
  • Giving warnings and orders;
  • Temporary seizure and custody of items;
  • Receipt of notification, submission of charge;
  • Criminal site security;
  • Communication check (call listings and contacts established);
  • Polygraph testing;
  • Inspection of premises, areas, facilities and documents;
  • Searching of persons, objects and means of transportation;
  • Photographing and filming;
  • Covert MP actions;
  • Use of force;
  • Protection of victims and other persons;
  • Detention IAW laws & regulations (national, international);
  • Protection of designated persons, objects and areas.
Additionally, in cases of war and imminent threat along with the above - mentioned MP powers, MPs are also authorized to confiscate another person’s vehicle and/or cell phone in order to carry out MP task/duty. 
Croatian Armed Forces Military Police use some of the following assets in order to conduct MP tasks domestically and internationally.

  • Assault rifle - Heckler&Koch G-36 (5,56x45mm)
  • Assault rifle - VHS (5,56x45mm, Croatian made)
  • Handgun - HS-9 (9x19mm, Croatian made)
  • Submachine gun - Heckler&Koch MP-7 (4.6x30mm)
  • Submachine gun - Heckler&Koch UMP (9x19mm)
  • Submachine gun - Heckler&Koch MP-5 (9x19mm)
  • Sniper rifles - Heckler&Koch PSG-1A and Steyr SSG 69 (7,62x51mm)
  • Long range sniper rifle - Barrett M82
  • Heavy machine gun - Browning M2 (12,7x99mm)
  • Under barrel grenade launcher - Heckler&Koch AG-36 A2 (40mm)
  • Shotgun - Browning (12 gauge)
  • Non-lethal weapon - TASER X-26
  • Non-lethal weapon - X-rep (shotgun electrically charged rounds)

  • Mercedes-Benz GDI-270D (with IED floor protection)
  • Land Rover Defender
  • IVECO LMV (Light Multirole Vehicle) - 4WD tactical vehicle
  • Opel Vectra, Audi A4 (VIP protection)
Communication assets
  • Motorola GP-900; GP-380
  • TETRA Radio System (Thales)
  • SINCGARS AN/PRC-119 (man pack)
MP equipment
  • Traffic regulation equipment
  • Crime scene evidence taking and handling
  • Crime scene laboratory
  • SWAT equipment (ballistic shields, retractable ladders, spike strip etc.)
  • Thermal imagining camera - RECON III
  • Night vision device AN/PVS-14 and AN/PVS-7
  • Mobile X-ray
  • Military Working Dogs - explosives, drugs and tobacco, attack, guard duty (breeding, selection, training, certification)
  • Polygraph laboratory (LX 4000 and LX 5000)
  • Cyanoacrylate Fuming Chamber (fingerprints discovery)
  • Audio/Video recording room for questioning of suspects (mobile and transportable versions)